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Cognitive Bias – how aware are you of yours?

21st April 2017 Articles

Last month we celebrated as NEWTEC Boss, Pat Edwards was crowned the UK Chief Executive of the Year 2017. It is a title that all the 30 plus Chief Executives, MD’s and Principals in attendance …Read More

An open letter to MP’s in the forthcoming election

20th April 2017 Articles

Dear Members of Parliament and parliamentary prospective candidates, can we, the nation, ask you not to divide us any more than we are now. I will not say that Brexit was right or wrong for …Read More

Daily Mail Headline Fail!

30th March 2017 Articles

On the eve of Prime Minister Theresa May triggering Article 50 as the beginning of the UK’s Brexit journey, the Daily Mail has surprised and some-what stumped us here at the National Centre for Diversity, …Read More

Terrorism – what British Muslims really think

28th March 2017 Articles

Shock, horror and disgust are the words that come up again and again; in every conversation I have had with fellow Muslims, since the disgusting acts of criminal barbarity wreaked by one person who seems …Read More

@northern_pr on winning the UK #Transportation Organisation of the Year Award!

UK Diversity Gladiators Celebrated!

20th March 2017 Articles

What an amazing night for organisations right across the country! The National Centre for Diversity held its prestigious Annual Grand Awards event on Thursday 16th March 2017 at the Queens Hotel in Leeds. It was …Read More

“The Pinnacle of my Career”, Shaun Tymon, CEO of the Year 2016

28th February 2017 Articles

“The Pinnacle of my Career” was how Shaun Tymon, CEO of Yorkshire Coast Homes, described how his beloved organisation managed to scoop a massive four awards at the National Centre for Diversity Grand Awards last …Read More

A dream of a workplace!

A dream of a workplace!

24th February 2017 Articles

We have worked with over 120 Colleges over an eleven and half year period. In 2016, Huddersfield New College achieved the best ever FREDIE (Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement) diagnostic results for a …Read More

Watch out for the snakes…

22nd February 2017 Articles

…climb up the ladders, avoid the pitfalls, break through the glass ceilings, and jump over the barricades to get to the top of the greasy pole! That is exactly what 100 of the best organisations …Read More

Busy, busy, busy, I’m too important …er… I mean busy…(to be respectful)

22nd February 2017 Articles

I once read a very interesting article on LinkedIn about someone whose family had made it their aim, to bring down to earth any relative who utters the absolutely overused and abused phrase “I’m busy”. …Read More

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