NEWTEC become the first UK Organisation to take on Masters in Diversity

Having just recently won 2017 UK Chief Executive of the Year – arguably one of the UK’s most desirable Awards when it comes to equality, diversity and inclusion, what do you do next?

After you have called and told everyone that you love, e-mailed all your staff and announced it across all your social media profiles, do you lap it up?

Do you dine out on it for the next 12 months? Do you think you have arrived and can now relax? Or do you think that actually this is a fantastic honour, but I can still improve and so can my organisation?

That is exactly the conundrum facing NEWTEC’s CEO Pat Edwards, after he was awarded the title of CEO of the Year 2017, at the NCFD Grand Awards in March.

Pat’s organisation, NEWTEC (Newham Training and Education Centre), an outstanding employment and training organisation based in Newham, East London, came in at a tremendous number 4 out of 216 organisations that the National Centre for Diversity analysed to create the NCFD Top 100 Index 2017 – a huge achievement in itself. They were also the highest performing organisation in the London and South of England area.

Having been so well recognised, Pat Edwards and his team could have chosen to sit back and relax. But instead what Pat did next distinguishes the great leaders from the good leaders. For a great leader resting on their laurels is never an option.

NEWTEC have made their own stamp on the history of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in the UK. They have shown their true commitment to ensuring fairness for all, by embarking on the next stage in their EDI Journey – Masters in Diversity.

Masters in Diversity is more than just accreditation – it’s executive education. It’s a leadership training programme aimed at the top leaders.

The leadership programme which NEWTEC have embarked on features 6 Master Classes, based on ground-breaking new concepts such as Neuro-equality.

The top leaders in organisations are often first class, what Masters in Diversity will do is lift Pat Edwards and his leadership team from first class to world class, and all within 12 months,

If you would like more information about Masters in Diversity visit our website at, or call us on 0800 288 4717.


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