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The winner of the NCFD’s Diversity Arts Competition 2016 is…:

Chloe Summerling from Amersham and Wycombe College

with her entry titled

Postcards of Equality

“My postcards represent equality through marriage, religion, race and gender. I wanted to use minimalistic designs to show that something simplistic can make a statement on its own.  I used different types of media in sections to create a divide but bring the picture as one with either a statement or picture. What my pictures represent; Marriage: I do everyone can say it, a quote that I made up it represents how that everyone has the right to say I do. Religion: represents the number of people and religions that live together in just one world. Race: we are all the same on the inside. Gender: shows that gender has no colour and symbols of male and female made from equality.”

A special recognition award also goes to:

Charlotte Cooper from UAL: University of Arts, London

with her entry titled


 “With my entry it’s a short traditional animation made using 500+ drawings put together using a free app download for my iPhone.

Following the journey of a husband and wife, starting with being in a hospital room. And then the memories come flooding back to the man who is watching his wife slowly slip away, of how he met her and the time they shared up until this moment.

This animation is incredibly important to me personally as it is an expression of the life of an incredibly important lady to me, my Amazing aunt Cynthia Shenton (MY TINT) who unfortunately lost her battle to terminal cancer early this year. With the animation many scenes are memories that my uncle has shared with me, such as how they met at dancing, and she wore a pink dress.

I wanted to create this animation in memory of her for this competition as I feel what I’ve made it is something that can connect to a wide range of people, as everyone at a point in their life loses someone who is a part of them and who they love so dearly, I hope to brings out feelings and emotions that normally are hidden deep down, my main reason of this animation is to make people think … and to treasure the little things, because one day they become the most important.”

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