Bank the moment – 2017

There were Tears of joy and expressions of elation. People were jumping to their feet, hugging and embracing each other. People were punching the air. What a night!

In celebrating this year’s NCFD Grand Award winners, let us not forget the all this year’s nominees, the shortlisted ones – the ones that close to winning but were just pipped to the post, in the race to be recognised as the best.

The talent pool was just phenomenal again this year, so to have been nominated or shortlisted is an honour in itself!

In my short address on the night I asked people to bank the moment when they were announced as winners. Those moments don’t come around very often, and when they do they live with us for ever. Most people remember the seconds leading up to winning the award; they remember the news of winning, and then thereafter it all goes blurry for a minute as the adrenaline kicks in.

So, my advice again – bank the moment. Don’t let any of it escape and hold on to it as you never know if and when that moment will happen again.

Congratulations to everyone – you are all winners.

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