Solat Chaudhry CEO national Centre for Diversity

A Message from the CEO, Solat Chaudhry

“I am so proud to be able to say I was one of the founders of the National Centre for Diversity back in 2005. The National Centre for Diversity didn’t come from a ministerial whim that could be reversed or from a faceless bureaucrat on their way to the next promotion.

It was a grass roots movement created through the sheer will of some of the most committed, passionate and knowledgeable people you could hope to meet.

Although we pride ourselves on being independent we also pride ourselves on working collegiately and constructively with Government, MPs and the Private Sector. We see ourselves as critical friends. Our Patrons meetings take place in the House of Commons (the next one will take place at Scottish Parliament).

We just wanted to make our society one where there is genuine equality of opportunity and there is fairness for all. We all had been the victims of some sort of discrimination or had been professionally supporting excluded, marginalised or vulnerable people and sections of our society.

Today, the National Centre for Diversity is still full of people who don’t want our children to go through the problems that we faced.

It is why we wake up in the morning. It’s not our job; it’s is our passion.

The movement that we created back then now has massive momentum and our progress is inexorable and unstoppable.”

Office Team

Gemma Feltham

Business Development Executive & Social Media

Aneela Baig

E-Learning Co-ordinator

Robert Taylor

Finance Officer

Aneesah Khan

National HR Programmes Manager


Caroline Wells

Diversity Advisor

Natasha Broomfield-Reid

Diversity Advisor

Jessica Corby

Diversity Advisor/ Specialist Disability Advisor

Siraz Natha


John Rees

Schools Advisor

Julie Hutton

Diversity Advisor

Jo Barton

Diversity Advisor

Irfaan Arif

Diversity Advisor

Fiona McPhail

Diversity Advisor

Bruce Waller

Diversity Advisor

Asari St-Hill

Diversity Advisor

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