Call to nominate champions of equality – putting fairness at the heart of organisations

16th August 2019 Articles, Company News

Nominations for the National Centre for Diversity’s Grand Awards 2020 are now open. Now in their fifth year, these prestigious annual awards are a spectacular celebration of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and all those who …Read More

Solat Chaudhry Interviews Colin Booth, Principal and Chief Executive of Leeds College Group

Solat Chaudhry Interviews Colin Booth, Principal and Chief Executive of Leeds College Group

19th July 2019 Articles

“Culture beats everything” In this, our second in my one-to-one interviews with people who really make a difference supporting their teams delivering EDI on the ground, I met up with Colin Booth, Principal and Chief …Read More

NCFD Interviews Mike Regnier, CEO of Yorkshire Building Society

NCFD Interviews Mike Regnier, CEO of Yorkshire Building Society

29th March 2019 Articles

Solat: When I last saw you here at your wonderful Leeds HQ, I was part of a panel your colleagues had organised on Fairness & Decency. I remember you gave a wonderful and articulate speech. What …Read More

Organisation of Year Award Presented to Huddersfield New College

Rebuilding Trust Through EDI Best Practice

28th January 2019 Articles

Last week was a tumultuous week in politics. I don’t know about you but it seems to me that the principles of Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement (FREDIE) are smouldering on the side …Read More

Top 100 Champions of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Revealed

18th January 2019 Articles

THE UK’S TOP 100 companies that make a difference in the workplace and set the bar high for fairness is revealed today. The much-awaited National Centre for Diversity (NCFD) annual Index covering the UK’s private, …Read More

Champions of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion recognised for Excellence

18th January 2019 Articles

IN A WEEK dominated by differences and division, last night’s prestigious National Centre for Diversity (NCFD) Grand Awards held at Earls Court, London, highlighted the excellent work the private and public sectors are doing to …Read More


8th October 2018 Articles

A YORKSHIRE college has been aw arded a prestigious national award for its leadership in promoting equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). Staff at New Collaborative Learning Trust, which has campuses in Pontefract, Doncaster and Bradford, …Read More

West Midlands Combined Authority is a Leader in Diversity

West Midlands Combined Authority is a Leader in Diversity

21st August 2018 Articles

West Midlands Combined Authority is one of only 38 UK organisations to achieve the National Centre for Diversity’s prestigious Leaders in Diversity award. Here, staff explain how the organisation has risen to the challenge… “I …Read More

National Centre for Diversity Launches Masters in Diversity Executive Leadership Programme in the North of England

30th July 2018 Articles

Diversity resonates across many areas of our daily lives whether political, business or in our community. As we welcome the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage, celebrate inclusiveness in the workplace or look upon the errors of …Read More

Remember to pack FREDIE this Summer! Top Ten Tips!

Remember to pack FREDIE this Summer! Top Ten Tips!

30th July 2018 Articles

Treating people fairly, respectfully and equally; embracing the diversity of those around you, being inclusive and engaging with people from all walks of life are often highlighted as being key traits of our work-place culture …Read More

Why embedding social justice is not optional

30th April 2018 Articles

By Graham Hasting-Evans, NOCN Group Managing Director As the commercial world becomes ever more complex, competitive and driven by technological advances, it is all too easy for organisations to lose sight of the importance of …Read More

Masters in Diversity: taking my organisation to infinity and beyond

22nd March 2018 Articles

It’s been almost a year since NEWTEC became the first UK organisation to embark on the National Centre for Diversity’s Masters in Diversity leadership programme, so we thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to …Read More

Grand Awards 2018 – Best night out in 30 years

31st January 2018 Articles

A message from the CEO of the National Centre for Diversity: What an event our Grand Awards ceremony was! Now I do admit that when I hit middle age I was no longer the party …Read More

The FREDIE’s. What a fantastic night!

19th January 2018 Articles

The National Centre for Diversity held their prestigious, third annual Grand Awards event last night (Thursday 18th January 2018) at the Hotel Ibis, Earls Court in London. The event was an exhilarating and emotional night …Read More

Grand Awards 2018

The FREDIE’s: NCFD’s Diversity Oscars

19th December 2017 Articles

The National Centre for Diversity (NCFD) will be holding its prestigious annual Grand Awards event at the Hotel Ibis, Earl’s Court, London on the 18th January 2018. The event promises to be a glittering and …Read More

Blaming Political Correctness Has Gone Mad

18th December 2017 Articles

NB: This article is a personal opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views of the National Centre for Diversity. What do all these men have in common? – Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Jimmy Saville, …Read More

What is and what is not sexual harassment?

27th November 2017 Articles

We are still in the midst of a furore about sexual harassment. It shows no sign of slowing and it’s pretty clear that some men in positions of power and authority, have been forcing themselves …Read More

NCFD Grand Awards 2018 Judging Panel Announced

14th November 2017 Articles

The National Centre for Diversity (NCFD) is thrilled to announce that the judging panel for our third annual Grand Awards has been officially appointed. This year’s judging panel brings together Chris Green, Former Regional Managing …Read More

The Government’s Race disparity audit – 10 practical things your organisation can do to get ahead

20th October 2017 Articles

The publication of the UK’s Government’s race disparity audit, although both blasted and trumpeted, was also a seminal moment. So well done to the Government but in the words of one of Mel Gibson’s lieutenants …Read More

“Better than hot chocolate fudge cake!”

18th October 2017 Articles

“I’m so excited and I just can’t hide. I think I’m about to lose control and I think I Iike it”. Did anybody say it better than the Pointer Sisters? Those words capture exactly how …Read More

“Didn’t you do well…”

25th September 2017 Articles

‘Oh my God primal instincts in action!’ was what I was thinking on a recent return train journey to Leeds from London, when I was observing a female train crew member at work. I had …Read More

Award winning CEO joins the National Centre for Diversity team

21st September 2017 Articles

The National Centre for Diversity is delighted to announce that former Chief Executive of the Year, Shaun Tymon has joined the National Centre for Diversity team. Shaun Tymon was the first Chief Executive to win …Read More

“What the Google guy said was right… but you can’t say it out loud”

22nd August 2017 Articles

Where do you go when you want to get to the truth in a conversation about gender equality? Well, I head for the local gym of course – the sauna to be more specific. The …Read More

Is Trump in a confidence and supply arrangement with Nazis and the KKK?

22nd August 2017 Articles

On the face of it, this sounds like an outlandish question – ridiculous you might even say. However, let`s look a bit more closely and examine the facts. We keep on hearing about the electoral …Read More

NEWTEC take the first steps on their Masters in Diversity journey

26th July 2017 Articles

Last week the CEO of the National Centre for Diversity Solat Chaudhry, and NCFD Advisors Irfaan Arif and Asari St Hill, spent the day with the Top 10 leaders at Newham based training organisation, NEWTEC. …Read More

Do EDI Professionals Treat the Protected Characteristics Equally?

20th July 2017 Articles

The quality of the UK’s EDI professionals has, from observation, improved in the last decade. The National Centre for Diversity team liaises with hundreds of these people and we are both proud and lucky enough …Read More

Managing Director Simon Altham: continuing my journey as a Diversity Champion

7th June 2017 Articles

CEO of the National Centre for Diversity, Solat Chaudhry sat down and interviewed Simon Altham, Managing Director of Revenue at Hoseasons’ Parent company Wyndham Vacation Rentals UK, to talk about how and why he continues …Read More

Investors in Diversity in Portugal – three steps closer!

6th June 2017 Articles

CEO of the National Centre for Diversity, Solat Chaudhry recently visited Lisbon, Portugal to attend and speak at the National Forum for Diversity, hosted by the Portuguese Diversity Charter, at the University Institute of Lisbon …Read More

NEWTEC become the first UK Organisation to take on Masters in Diversity

17th May 2017 Articles

Having just recently won 2017 UK Chief Executive of the Year – arguably one of the UK’s most desirable Awards when it comes to equality, diversity and inclusion, what do you do next? After you …Read More

Investors in Diversity is going international as we take it to Portugal!

17th May 2017 Articles

Hot on the heels of the creation of the Irish Centre for Diversity, Solat Chaudhry, CEO of the National Centre for Diversity and Chair of the Irish Centre for Diversity, has been asked to make …Read More

Cognitive Bias – how aware are you of yours?

21st April 2017 Articles

Last month we celebrated as NEWTEC Boss, Pat Edwards was crowned the UK Chief Executive of the Year 2017. It is a title that all the 30 plus Chief Executives, MD’s and Principals in attendance …Read More

An open letter to MP’s in the forthcoming election

20th April 2017 Articles

Dear Members of Parliament and parliamentary prospective candidates, can we, the nation, ask you not to divide us any more than we are now. I will not say that Brexit was right or wrong for …Read More

Daily Mail Headline Fail!

30th March 2017 Articles

On the eve of Prime Minister Theresa May triggering Article 50 as the beginning of the UK’s Brexit journey, the Daily Mail has surprised and some-what stumped us here at the National Centre for Diversity, …Read More

Terrorism – what British Muslims really think

28th March 2017 Articles

Shock, horror and disgust are the words that come up again and again; in every conversation I have had with fellow Muslims, since the disgusting acts of criminal barbarity wreaked by one person who seems …Read More

@northern_pr on winning the UK #Transportation Organisation of the Year Award!

UK Diversity Gladiators Celebrated!

20th March 2017 Articles

What an amazing night for organisations right across the country! The National Centre for Diversity held its prestigious Annual Grand Awards event on Thursday 16th March 2017 at the Queens Hotel in Leeds. It was …Read More

“The Pinnacle of my Career”, Shaun Tymon, CEO of the Year 2016

28th February 2017 Articles

“The Pinnacle of my Career” was how Shaun Tymon, CEO of Yorkshire Coast Homes, described how his beloved organisation managed to scoop a massive four awards at the National Centre for Diversity Grand Awards last …Read More

A dream of a workplace!

A dream of a workplace!

24th February 2017 Articles

We have worked with over 120 Colleges over an eleven and half year period. In 2016, Huddersfield New College achieved the best ever FREDIE (Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement) diagnostic results for a …Read More

Watch out for the snakes…

22nd February 2017 Articles

…climb up the ladders, avoid the pitfalls, break through the glass ceilings, and jump over the barricades to get to the top of the greasy pole! That is exactly what 100 of the best organisations …Read More

Busy, busy, busy, I’m too important …er… I mean busy…(to be respectful)

22nd February 2017 Articles

I once read a very interesting article on LinkedIn about someone whose family had made it their aim, to bring down to earth any relative who utters the absolutely overused and abused phrase “I’m busy”. …Read More

Irish Centre for Diversity

A Valentine’s Day present for Ireland

16th February 2017 Articles

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and passion, so to celebrate our love and passion for what we do, we are launching the Irish Centre for Diversity. The Irish Centre for Diversity’s aim …Read More

The burning questions that leaders should be asking themselves today

6th February 2017 Articles

Before we come to the questions, imagine this…You are at work. The vast majority of people around you are happy, engaged, motivated and they make you feel good about yourself – even in the Post …Read More

5 reasons why it’s so great to come back to work after Christmas

19th January 2017 Articles

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘New Year, New You’, but in the two weeks after Christmas many of us get hit with the post-Christmas blues, and it gets harder to stick to our New Year …Read More

UK construction worker shows me race hate on the M1 - in his firm's uniform!

Highways England outperforms Police in Hate Crime Investigation

17th January 2017 Articles

“, you F..” were the words used by a construction worker towards me, sparking a complaint and subsequent ‘investigation’ by the Police and Highways England. The word investigation is in inverted commas because that …Read More

The problem with how we see mental health

16th January 2017 Articles

It was good to hear our Prime Minister speaking about mental health earlier this week, in between fielding questions about the “humanitarian crisis”, which the Red Cross says is unfolding within our NHS. Many have …Read More

Stay optimistic for 2017 – exciting times are ahead for you

13th January 2017 Articles

 Happy New Year to you all, from the NCFD Family! Many people that I have met recently were happy to see the back of 2016; what with the incessant bad news at home and abroad, …Read More

The Casey Review – Give me a break

19th December 2016 Articles

Another week, another expensive official report this time by Dame Louise Casey. What were the earth shattering conclusions that casual readers could draw from this report? Well the main ones that people have spoken to …Read More

Research reveals how amazingly successful you have been!

16th December 2016 Articles

The National Centre for Diversity has commissioned Cotura Quality Consulting to carry out research, to find out if Investors in Diversity (IiD) and Leaders in Diversity (LiD) has made any difference to organisations who have …Read More

Equality Body disappears under the Brexit Storm

Equality Body disappears under the Brexit Storm

29th November 2016 Uncategorized

There are two disappearances shrouded in mystery, which pop into our thoughts every so often. The first is the disappearance of Lord Lucan – the aristocrat whose disappearance over 40 years ago is the subject …Read More

Drama at Top 50 FE Sector Diversity Awards Ceremony

28th November 2016 Articles

Pictured above winners: Newham College of FE Money just cannot buy the emotional high that the attendees of last week’s Awards felt. It was a night of fun, tears of joy, music, and sheer excitement. …Read More

National Centre for Diversity celebrates FE Sector Diversity Awards 2016

18th November 2016 Company News

The National Centre for Diversity hosted their first annual FE Sector Diversity Awards evening at the Macdonald Burlington Hotel in Birmingham, on Tuesday 15th November 2016, to celebrate commitment and shining examples of excellent work …Read More

UK construction worker shows me race hate on the M1 - in his firm's uniform!

UK construction worker in hate crime on me on the M1 – in his firm’s uniform!

21st October 2016 Articles

The level of hatred which is quietly and insidiously fermenting underneath the surface of our society is something that most people are unaware of until, every now and then, we read or hear about a …Read More

FE Sector Awards 2016

At last some good news for the FE Sector

21st October 2016 Articles

It has been a turbulent period for College employees, what with all the area reviews, but the excitement levels are already building for the advent of a history-making event. Uncertainty levels have been high recently …Read More

NPN Meeting / Masters in Diversity Launch - 4th October 2016 - The Scottish Parliament

Diversity turned on its head by Neuro-science

12th October 2016 Articles

The latest findings in neuroscience mean that the human brain automatically views diversity as a threat. The National Centre for Diversity has been developing a radical new approach which it calls neuro-equality, which it has …Read More

How Neuro-equality explains the 30% employment gap article

How Neuro-equality explains the 30% employment gap

23rd September 2016 Articles

We love, salute and fete our super-human Paralympians. Those who have won the top medals now reside in a world of super-reality. Meanwhile back in the world of everyday reality, the employment gap between able …Read More

Unlocking the secrets of why diversity is business-critical to the Construction and Housing Sectors

23rd September 2016 Articles

The way things are going, it is clear that Housing Chiefs are going to be held accountable for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI). It is also clear that construction companies are now at a severe …Read More

National Centre for Diversity partners with the UK’s leading Construction event!

National Centre for Diversity partners with the UK’s leading Construction event!

13th September 2016 Articles

The National Centre for Diversity is pleased to announce that they are an event partner with London Build 2016, which is being held at Olympia, London on the 26th-27th October 2016. Solat Chaudhry, Chief Executive …Read More

London Build 2016

London Build 2016

18th August 2016 Company News

London Build 2016, officially supported by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is the leading and largest annual construction and design event to focus exclusively on London and the South East. After a very …Read More

brexit and diversity

UK Equality in the Context of Brexit

8th August 2016 Articles

You may be alarmed at the dangers that Brexit seems to be throwing up. The human brain craves safety, security and certainty. I expect that you are worried about the socio-economic implications of Brexit. In …Read More

diversify the police force

No Point in Diversifying Police Force

17th June 2016 Articles

CEO of the National Centre for Diversity, Solat Chaudhry says “My opinion is very strong: the police should stop all attempts to recruit people from diverse backgrounds”. Diversity – or the lack of it – …Read More

fairness in large firms

Fairness: Large Firms Playing ‘Chicken’ Across the M1

13th June 2016 Company News

A recent investigation into the business practices of Sports Direct and its owner Mike Ashley has thrown up some interesting and controversial issues concerning equality and fair treatment in the workplace. Luke Primarolo from the …Read More

How your organisation can improve its EDI practices and beat off competitors

7th June 2016 Company News

According to the McKinsey & Company Diversity Matters Report 2015, diverse leadership teams can financially outperform their direct competitors by up to 35%. There is clear evidence that Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) impacts bottom …Read More

Should Muirfield members have been allowed to vote against female membership?

25th May 2016 Company News

The recent news that Golfing Governing Body, The R&A, has stripped Muirfield of the chance to host The Open, after members of the Scottish club voted against opening up its membership to women, has added …Read More

Why We Need Diversity in Construction

Three Reasons Why We Need Better Diversity in the Construction Industry

20th May 2016 Company News

Solat is keen to share his insights into how essential it is for organisations and individuals in the Construction industry to truly embrace Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; and to make a conscious shift towards diversifying …Read More

Gender Equality in the Workplace Shoes

Does Equality Mean Men Should be Forced to Wear High Heels in the Workplace as well?

13th May 2016 Company News

The BBC recently reported a story fuelled by discrimination and sexism, regarding an arguably archaic law, which allows organisations to require women to wear high heels in the workplace as part of the dress code. …Read More

FE Sector Awards 2016 Judging Panel Announced

11th May 2016 Company News

The National Centre for Diversity has announced the judging panel for the nominated award categories for the FE Sector Awards 2016. The inaugural FE Sector Awards is being held in Birmingham on 15th November 2016, …Read More

gender pay gap reporting workshop

New Gender Pay Gap Reporting Event for NCFD

5th May 2016 Company News

With the announcement of Mandatory Gender Pay Gap Reporting from the Government Equalities Office and The Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP in February this year, companies affected by the proposed regulations may be wondering how …Read More

Diversity and Inclusion in Construction

Judging the Construction News Awards 2016

3rd May 2016 Company News

Last week our CEO Solat Chaudhry took part in an exciting and interesting day of judging at the Construction News Awards, as well as attending the Judges Dinner, which offered a wonderful opportunity to network …Read More

Solat Chaudry CEO national Centre for Diversity

Solat Chaudhry to Judge Construction News Awards 2016

25th April 2016 Company News

This week it’s all happening in the Construction industry – we’re excited to be a part of the 2016 Construction News Awards! The Construction News Awards are coveted within the UK Construction industry. Now that …Read More

Solat Chaudry CEO national Centre for Diversity

You are a Manager now, Solat – life just got a whole lot more complicated

11th April 2016 CEO Blog

“You are a manager now Solat. Well done and congratulations. Enjoy the moment because this is as good as it’s going to get for quite a while, because today your life just got complicated”. My …Read More

Solat Chaudry CEO national Centre for Diversity

Welcome to the National Centre for Diversity’s (NCFD) CEO Blog

29th March 2016 CEO Blog

Welcome to the National Centre for Diversity’s (NCFD) CEO Blog, from Solat Chaudhry, Chief Executive of the National Centre for Diversity. At NCFD our aim is to Think different . Change the world . Make …Read More

The Yorkshire Coast Homes team with their Housing Provider of the Year 2016 awar

National Centre for Diversity celebrates Grand Awards 2016

26th January 2016 Company News

The National Centre for Diversity hosted their first annual Grand Awards evening at The ICC Birmingham, on Wednesday 20th January 2016, to celebrate commitment and shining examples of excellent work around Equality, Diversity and Inclusion …Read More

NCFD Grand Awards 2016 Shortlist Announced

14th January 2016 Company News

The National Centre for Diversity (NCFD) is delighted to announce the shortlist for the NCFD Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Grand Awards. The shortlisted nominees have now been announced on the National Centre for Diversity …Read More

The National Centre for Diversity announces equality, diversity & inclusion Grand Awards in 2016

10th December 2015 Company News

Some of the country’s most innovative, inspiring and influential people will be gathering to celebrate the many achievements of the some of the biggest organisations from across the UK. With excitement levels building as the …Read More

Investors in Diversity success for Viewpoint

27th November 2015 Company News

Viewpoint employees in Scotland are proud to have achieved Stage 2 in their Investors in Diversity journey. Viewpoint has 3 care homes and sheltered housing across Edinburgh and Fife in Scotland and has approximately 260 …Read More

Cardiff and Vale College is a Leader in Diversity

25th November 2015 Company News

Cardiff and Vale College has been awarded prestigious Leaders in Diversity status for its commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion. The College was awarded the status after the National Centre for Diversity worked closely with …Read More

National Patrons Network launched

22nd October 2015 Company News

Equality, diversity and inclusion sits at the centre of all the serious and at times, frightening; debates about refugees; immigration asylum, extremism and home-grown terrorism. Also disturbing is the level of bias against disabled people, …Read More

national centre for diversity

Gender equality issues persist in UK’s legal profession

25th September 2015 Articles

An online article published yesterday (24th September 2015) by the Guardian has once again highlighted the issues of gender equality in the UK within the legal profession. The issues around gender equality have been shot …Read More

Early Warning Signs of Conflict

27th July 2015 Articles

Following on from our breakfast event last week on ‘Workplace Conflict’, we produced a document to help people within organisations to identify early warning signs of conflict. Conflict comes in many forms. At one extreme it …Read More

Falmouth pub ‘refused to serve’ man with facial palsy

15th July 2015 Company News

We received an email this morning from one of our advisors. She’d been checking the news and seen this article. The advisor, Eileen, was saddened by the story. Our job at the National Centre for Diversity …Read More

Transportation clients at National centre for Diversity

11 things to think about before considering EDI accreditation

15th June 2015 Articles

When it comes to accreditation for your organisation, there are several things to consider before you sign up and start the process. We recognise that (like us) only the very best accreditation bodies see the …Read More

Workplace Culture – Where does it come from?

27th April 2015 Articles

At the National Centre for Diversity we love to learn new things about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), which is why we gather information from lots of different sources. One of those sources is TED …Read More

Training organisation clients at National Centre for Diversity

5 Tips to Help You Support Colleagues With Mental Ill Health

22nd January 2015 Articles

Mental illness is a serious workplace issue. Sam Fisher offers five tips to help you support colleagues who are suffering. ‘It’s a sensitive subject, especially in the workplace. But with mental illness affecting more and more …Read More

Charlie Hebdo Aftermath

21st January 2015 Company News

Freedom of Speech or Unnecessarily Offensive? On 7th January 2015, two gunmen forced their way into the Paris headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical magazine. 12 people were killed. The shooters could be heard shouting …Read More

Has it become ‘uncool’ to talk about race?

9th December 2014 Articles

Race – immigration – illegal immigration – crime – extremism – terrorism; the six degrees of cultural labelling, scare-mongering and media shock tactics that have deterred us from talking about race equality at a time …Read More

Education clients at National Centre for Diversity

Mental Health – The Unseen Issue

9th December 2014 Articles

1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year.’

Women in charge – why is there STILL gender inequality?

9th December 2014 Articles

For decades, women in the workplace were openly considered as supporters, enablers and facilitators for powerful men.

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