At the National Centre for Diversity we are passionate about offering a great service. For us, excellence is a minimum standard. We work very closely with our clients to fully support them throughout their Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) journey. All of our clients begin with varying levels of appropriate policies, procedures and behaviours already present in their workplace.

Through our national equality standards such as the Investor’s in Diversity Award and Leaders in Diversity Award, E-Learning programmes, face-to-face training and consultancy; we aim to significantly improve the embedding of EDI across their organisations.

We firmly believe that the goal of an equitable, diverse and inclusive working environment is always evolving and developing, which is why we continue to communicate with our clients long after they have undertaken one of our services. We want to ensure that completing a course, achieving an accreditation or reaching a certain equality standard isn’t the target; it’s a step that our clients must take in an ever-present effort to becoming better organisations.

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