Today, Equality, diversity and inclusion is a very important part of almost all bids and tenders for public sector funding. Getting it wrong could jeopardise your chances of winning the bid.

You may think that you know all about the project or services that you are delivering i.e. operations, delivery of objectives and targets against the criterion etc.

But have you got the in-house expertise to embed Equality, Diversity & Inclusion best practices, across all aspects of your bid?

If you haven’t, you are not maximising your chances of winning the bid.


You’ve been here before when preparing for a bid opportunity:
The bid or tender is put out later than had previously been communicated. The deadline is so short, it’s punishing. You have to burn the mid-night oil just to finish it and get your bid submitted by the deadline. By the time you have submitted the bid, you are just so relieved that it’s done, for a fleeting second, you almost don’t care anymore– almost!

Then the reality dawns on you that it’s your job to win this bid and that you do care – a lot! But by then it’s too late, you know you’ve not done the best you can, but the decision is already being announced and your organisation hasn’t won.


The National Centre for Diversity has an excellent track record in bid writing. Our successes include assisting one organisation win a bid worth £400M.

Our in-house bid writing and EDI experts have the skills to help you showcase your EDI practices, highlight all the good work your organisation is doing and therefore maximise your chances of winning more bids.

Key Benefits:

  • Access to our in-house EDI and bid writing experts
  • Ensure EDI practices are embedded consistently throughout your bid
  • Maximise your chances of winning public funding bids

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