Section 149 of the Equality Act 2010 created a legal duty on Public Authorities (and on private businesses and charities that run a that a public function) to use the award contracts to influence good equality, diversity and inclusion practices in their supply chains. Showing them a policy is not going to be enough. You will have to prove that you are equitable and inclusive organisation.

NCFD verifiedBenefits to Suppliers:

  1. We can help you maximize your chances of winning bids, contracts and tenders.
  2. We can save you stress, time, effort and money by reducing the need to pull together different pieces of equality information for different funders or bodies tendering out work.
  3. We can save you valuable time and effort providing your organisation with a full suite of essential EDI policies and procedures.
  4. The costs represent excellent value for money (see features).
  5. You are provided with an in-depth checking and verification process.
  6. Once you have been verified you will be able to use the ‘National Centre for Diversity Verified’ logo for 12 months on all marketing materials and your website to promote your dedication to EDI.

Having the National Centre for Diversity verified status under their belt will give your suppliers the confidence to progress and work towards one of our national equality standards such as Investors in Diversity or Leaders in Diversity. They will be able to do this from a from a position of strength and you will know that these suppliers are committed to reaching a high standard of practice.


  1. A suite of up to date policies and procedures for EDI.
  2. Online training for all your staff.
  3. 3. A corresponding workbook for the above training.
  4. A good practice guide.
  5. An on-line equality audit.
  6. Free entry for analysis into the Top 100.
  7. A certificate, plaque and use of NCFD logo for duration of 12 months.

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