Section 149 of the Equality Act 2010, created a duty on Public Authorities (this includes private businesses and charities that operate a public function), to advance equality of opportunity across all their functions including procurement. Failure to do so means that they run the risk of legal action being taken against them.

This means that they must check the equality credentials of all applicants, prior to awarding contracts
and influence them to improve practices after the contract has been awarded. Therefore merely
checking policies is not enough.

The National Centre for Diversity, is the UK’s leader in the field of EDI, with over a decade of
experience of this work.

Problem – Procurers do not have the resources, time, staffing or the expertise to do so.

Solution- the ‘Support Service for Public and Private Sector Procurers’ provided by the NCFD will do it
all for you.

What is the ‘Support Service for

Public and Private procurers’?

  • It is a service for Procurers where we carry out the checking, support and verification of Suppliers.
  • There is no charge to Procurers.
  • The affordable costs will be passed onto your suppliers.

We will provide suppliers with:

  1. A suite of up-to-date EDI policies, procedures and supporting documents.
  2. Online Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) learning and corresponding workbook.
  3. An EDI good practice guide. This gives them a list of concise, easy to understand indicators to work towards and aspire to.
  4. A supply chain diagnostic survey, the results of which are summarised in a short report.
  5. A day of support from one of our expert advisors.
  6. Complimentary analysis and potential entry into the highly prestigious ‘NCFD Top 100’.
  7. A certificate, logo and a plaque.

NCFD verifiedBenefits to Procurers:

  1. Outsourcing checking and verification to the National Centre for Diversity will save you both time and effort.
  2. You can be confident in knowing that your supply chain and all those who work within those supply chain organisations, haved reached an acceptable level in their legal obligations regarding EDI, once successfully checked, supported and verified.
  3. Our expertise will be invaluable in supporting and guiding you throughout the process, especially for those who may be excellent at commissioning, but less confident on matters relating to EDI.
  4. Costs can be passed on to the supply chain organisation, which means there is no cost to your organisation.

Benefits to Suppliers:

  1. We can help them maximize your chances of winning bids, contracts and tenders.
  2. We can save them stress, time, effort and money, by reducing the need to pull together different pieces of equality information for different funders or bodies tendering out work.
  3. We can save them valuable time and effort providing your organisation with a full suite of EDI policies and procedures, which we specifically create to be both relevant and essential.
  4. The costs represent excellent value for money.
  5. They are provided with an in-depth checking, support and verification process
  6. Once they have been verified they will be able to use the ‘National Centre for Diversity Verified’ logo for 12 months, on all marketing materials and on their website to promote their dedication to EDI.

Having the National Centre for Diversity verified status under your belt will give you the confidence to progress and work towards one of our national equality standards such as Investors in Diversity or Leaders in Diversity. You will be able to do this from a from a position of strength and show that you are committed to reaching a high standard of practice.

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