The Irish Centre for Diversity’s aim is to work in partnership with organisations of all types and sizes from across Ireland; to help them to embed good practices around Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (FREDI) into workplaces throughout Ireland.

We share the UK’s National Centre for Diversity mission in that we want to advance Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) to ensure fairness for all.

We want to enable you to do more than just tick boxes; we want you to transform your workplace environment to one which is equitable and inclusive, and where fairness for all is simply business as usual.

Investors in Diversity Ireland is more than an accreditation – we see becoming accredited as the icing on the cake. Investors in Diversity Ireland will help you by:

  1. Carrying out an equality impact assessment for you.
  2. Providing you with an organisational culture evaluation.
  3. Highlighting areas that you are doing well in and areas for development

Successful achievement of the accreditation provides your organisation with well-earned credentials, which scream out positive messages to your existing staff, potential recruits, customers, funders, and your leaners or service users.

It will highlight your organisation as one that if people work for or deal with, they will be respected and treated fairly.

Investors in Diversity Ireland will give you the tools to understand how your organisation manages Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Already across the UK Investors in Diversity has transformed hundreds of organisations from across a wide range of sectors.

The organisations we work with have found a number of key benefits from the process, including:

  • Reduction in the number of grievances

  • Reduction in staff turnover

  • Increased staff participation in training and courses

  • Reduction in bullying

  • Improved customer service and satisfaction

  • Improved links between employee activities and strategic objectives

  • Improvement in attitudes, behaviours and conduct

  • Increased market share

The Irish Centre for Diversity is looking forward to seeing these benefits in organisations across Ireland

To find out more please contact us:

T: 051 348340
M: 087 167 8857

Irish Centre for Diversity
Waterford Enterprise Centre, Cork Rd, Waterford