Debbie Gordon

Debbie Gordon

Assistant Director of Corporate Services

Yorkshire Coast Homes

Debbie has been an Assistant Director at Yorkshire Coast Homes since 2011, overseeing the corporate IT, Finance and HR functions. Part of this role has been leading their equality, diversity and inclusion performance from an employment and service delivery perspective.

Changes in the Equality Act 2010 gave YCH the drive to fully review and analyse their EDI activities, leading to them signing up to the National Centre for Diversity’s Investors in Diversity framework. YCH underwent a process of external evaluation of their equality and diversity practices that were then supported by the National Centre for Diversity team to create an action plan for improvement, which has been successfully delivered. Yorkshire Coast Homes were the first organisation to achieve the Leaders in Diversity element of the framework.

“We are continuously trying to promote our EDI initiatives, embrace diversity in the workplace and influence other stakeholders and partners. The National Patrons Network will enable us to work with other like-minded organisations, support us in influencing others and ensure we share good practice. Our journey in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion is boundless and as such I feel proud to be part of this exciting network.”